Uncommon Union
Uncommon Union builds strategic partnerships and develops multimedia communications in the interest of raising the profile of important global issues. We bring together media companies, governments, businesses, celebrities, activists and NGO’s to help facilitate the emergence of new, underreported narratives.  

Moreno Ocampo  
Moreno Ocampo LLC is a niche global consulting firm focused on developing tailored strategies to manage complex conflicts with transnational dimensions with a focus on anti-corruption, assisting victims of mass atrocities and biased judiciaries. It was founded by the first prosecutor of The International Criminal Court.

Nadia's Initiative
Founding Member  
Nadia's Initiative is dedicated to helping women and children who have survived genocide, mass atrocities and human trafficking to have a role in re-building their lives and their communities.  The iniative has 

It's On U 
It's On U is an intitiative that launched the campaign to bring ISIS before the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.  It also helped establish Yazda’s Genocide Documentation Project which has been collecting evidence of Human Rights violations committed against the Yazidis. Evidence gathered through this documentation project will support the international legal case against perpetrators, be they individual ISIS fighters or ISIS as a whole.   

The Digital Citizen Fund
Board Member
After traveling to Afghanistan to write a series of stories on entrepreneur Roya Mahboob,  I joined her organization, the Digital Citizen Fund. The fund helps girls and women in Afghanistan gain access to technology, virtually connect with others across the world, and obtain necessary skills to succeed in today’s expanding global market.