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I am a partner at Moreno Ocampo LLC, a niche global consulting firm focused on developing tailored strategies to manage complex conflicts with transnational dimensions with a focus on anti-corruption, assisting victims of mass atrocities and biased judiciaries. Visit

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I am the co-founder of Uncommon Union, a specialized multi-media communications firm founded to meet the unique challenges of public figures, non-profits, governments and businesses intent on changing the world. Visit 


Yazidi Genocide
In late August 2015, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, former Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Kerry Propper, financial entrepreneur, activist and producer of Watchers of the Sky, filmmaker Taylor Krauss, and Uncommon Union co-founder Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown, traveled to Northern Iraq to support the co-founder of Yazda, Murad Ismael. The group met with surviving victims in refugee camps, Yazidi religious leaders, and members of the Kurdistan regional government, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of the Interior, and the Office of Genocide Documentation.

On September 26th 2015, the group supported Yazda to bring a case against ISIS for genocide crimes to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The report detailed atrocities IS fighters in northern Iraq have perpetrated since August 2014.

The group also launched a campaign called “It’s On U” to lobby heads of state to recognize the genocide, engage key governments officials, and encourage the UN Security Council to refer the case to the ICC. The campaign partnered with Global Citizen  to help reach over a million millennials. Signed petitions from the campaign called on Iraq to refer the case to the ICC.

During this time, Nadia Murad teamed up with Murad Ismael and made her historic speech at the UN Security Council. This public appearance gained Nadia recognition as the “Face of the Yazidi Genocide.” Nadia and Murad have been traveling around the world meeting with heads of state to ask for their financial and political support.

In May 2016  the team approached Amal Clooney to help with the case and provide pro-bono legal services to Nadia Murad and Yazda.  
On June 5th, Amal Clooney officially became counsel to Nadia and Yazda to bring justice to the Yazidi community for genocide crimes committed by Deash.Read more in The New York Times.  See progress >  It's On U


Nadia Murad

Advisor to yazidi human rights activist Nadia Murad. She is a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, the recipient of the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize and the Sakharov Prize, and the UN's first Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking. She has also received the Clinton Global Citizen Award, Peace Prize from the United Nations association of Spain, and was named 2016 Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine. Nadia became the “Face of the Yazidi Genocide" after her historic speech at the UN Security Council in November 2015 and is currently working to bring ISIS before the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.


Digital Citizen Fund

In February 2014 Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown and her brother Jason Brooks Brown travelled to Afghanistan to do series of stories for Salon Magazine on Afghan entrepreneur Roya Mahboob.

Shortly after Elizabeth joined the board of Digital Citizen Fund and has been actively working to support the organization's mission to help girls and women in developing countries gain access to technology, virtually connect with others across the world, and obtain necessary skills to succeed in today’s expanding global market.

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Maiden Nation

Co-founded by Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown, Willa Shallit, and Juliana Um, Maiden Nation was an initiative founded on one basic principle: empowering women through ethical fashion. Maiden Nation produced original products co-designed with notables women rights leaders Yoko Ono, Gloria Steinem, Rachel Roy and many others. The initiative was  launched in conjunction with Glamour’s Woman of the Year Award, in cooperation with the remarkable designer, Chan Luu, the United Nation’s Ethical Fashion Initiative and Sean Penn’s JPHRO women’s coop. 

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Choose Haiti

Choose Haiti was an initiative to bring sustainable jobs to Haiti by harnessing the power social media, branding, design and commerce. With the help of Magalie Dresse of Caribbean Craft, Haitian artists, World Vision and The Clinton Foundation, Choose Haiti produced bracelets made from 100% recycled water bottles and newspaper from the streets of Port au Prince. Displaced Haitians living in tent camps were hired to collect the water bottles and assemble the bracelets. Sold at the GAP, Forever21, Footlocker and dozens of other retailers, the initiative brought thousands of jobs to Haitian refugees.

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